Virality Speciality

We have significant involvement with some of the biggest videos and indeed the biggest channels that exist on social media.

Since the inception of digital “virality” our agency has been studying and applying our craft of how, when, why and with what efforts and tactics a video/s or channel/s can be propelled towards optimum success.

The preparation and follow-up strategies that are best for the brand/artist/organisation.

How best to optimise for audience engagement and organic growth and maximise profit, coverage, mainstream media cross-over – the whole kit and kaboodle.

Any successful channel needs people involved with it. Real people championing the channel, attracting followers, inspiring engagement etc.

Channel owners also need the advisory and information critical to the channel becoming more attractive, relevant and appealing – we provide this to our clients at their convenience.

Industry Ethics

The viral video industry is a mostly ineffective and unreliable bunch of peddlers that will say anything to get a customer to part with their money – we know what people think of the game that people see us being part of.

However we are not part of it. Our founding directors saw so much potential for honest viral video marketing services, hence our formation.

We know and love the science of the true art form that is viral video marketing and organic growth strategies.

As a result of the work we do, we see amazing things happen every single day, which not only makes us proud of what we do, but affirms our commitment that there’s nothing else any of us would rather be doing.

So stay tuned as more and more cowboys continue to pop up, and continue to go out of business, and we remain at the forefront of social media marketing and public relations as a result of our best practices and good old fashion client care.

Personal Service

Personal service is something that most of the world seems to have forgotten about. In our view, when you have a largely digital relationship with your business and your customers, it is all the more reason to apply the caring touch, and go the extra mile to break down the barriers between the business and the buyer.

We cherish our customers as they are our greatest asset, and we treat their online properties as though they were our own.

We are constantly cognisant of the humanity in what we do. The importance of warm regard. The urgency with which the world needs to rediscover ‘connectedness’.

It’s a bit violin-ish, but gives you some insight into why we do what we do. If not for other humans, what would any of us have? Where would we be? We serve well because we care.

Real, banana peel.

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